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Our final exam will take place on Friday May 2, 2-5PM, at Bahen 2159. The material for the exam is easy to define: EVERYTHING. The exam itself will have two parts:

  • Part I will consist of 4 general questions on differential geometry (2 questions) and on the fundamental group and covering spaces (2 more). You will be required to solve 3 of these 4 questions. The questions may have "compute", "think" and "reproduce" parts, but no "sketch" part.
  • Part II will consist of four questions on homology theory, following our usual pattern of "compute", "think", "reproduce" and "sketch". You will be required to solve 3 of these 4 questions.

Each question will be worth 17 points, to a maximal possible total of 102.

I apologize in advance that due to my traveling, grading will likely be delayed, and will take up to 3 weeks. Those of you who really need a grade faster than that (graduating students, mostly) should let me know before the exam, and I will grade these few exams before I leave.

On the weeks before the exam I will be holding office hours as follows:

  • Thursday April 17, 1-2.
  • Friday April 25, 1-4 (mostly for 08-401 students).
  • Monday April 28, 10-12 (mostly for 08-401 students).
  • Thursday May 1, 9-12.

The remaining good deed points will be distributed in two passes. A "draft distribution" will be posted on or near Thursday April 17, and the final distribution will be posted on the day of the final exam (possibly during the final, if I'll have a wireless connection).

Good Luck!

Grades. All grades are now on CCNet.

The final itself is here (PDF).