0708-1300/Class notes for Thursday, September 13

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A Message From Ed Barbeau

The Putnam Competition is written by undergraduates in North
America. It is now about 70 years old and University of Toronto
students have competed with distinction. 

There is no registration fee to write the competition. It is open
to all university undergraduates who have written the examination
no more than three times in the past. 

It is generally held on the first Saturday of December. There are
two three-hour papers, each with six questions, written at 10 am
and 3 pm.

Any student interested in writing the Putnam Competition should
send an email message to Ed Barbeau at barbeau@math.utoronto.ca.
It would help to know (a) your year, (b) program of study,
(c) any successes that you have had in past competitions at the
secondary level.

Class Notes

The notes below are by the students and for the students. Hopefully they are useful, but they come with no guarantee of any kind.

Scanned lecture notes for Thurs Sept 13 by Kuramay:

0708-1300-Sept13 01.jpg 0708-1300-Sept13 02.jpg 0708-1300-Sept13 03.jpg