0708-1300/Class notes for Tuesday, January 29

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Two Covering Spaces

0708-1300-DoubleCover.png 0708-1300-FigureEightSeifert.jpg
Mathematica code:
    {r Cos[2t], r Sin[2t], 4 + Cos[t]},
    {r Cos[t], r Sin[t], 0},
    PlotPoints -> {49, 2}
  {t, 0, 2Pi}, {r, 1, 3}
Seifert surface of the Figure Eight Knot, drawn using Jack van Wijk's amazing SeifertView.

14 Covering Spaces

14 further covering spaces can be found on page 58 of Hatcher's book.

Class Notes

The notes below are by the students and for the students. Hopefully they are useful, but they come with no guarantee of any kind.

0708-1300 notes 29-01-08a.jpg 0708-1300 notes 29-01-08b.jpg 0708-1300 notes 29-01-08c.jpg 0708-1300 notes 29-01-08d.jpg