0708-1300/Class notes for Tuesday, December 4

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Dear Math 1300 Students,

I'd like to apologize to many of you for the events in class today. Let me start by recounting these events.

At our official starting time (10:10) about 10 students were present (let's call them S1 through S10), of the 32 or so that are taking this class. I mentioned to them something about the missing students, and predicted that by the end of the hour the class size will double. Indeed over the next 15 minutes or so another 15 or so students came in (let's call them S11 through S25).

At that point I stopped class briefly and scolded S11-S25 for being late; the main point was that at that time I have already outlined what the class will be about and stated some extremely significant facts, without which it would have been very difficult or maybe impossible to appreciate the rest of the class. I ended by saying something like "so why did you at all bother to come?".

After that another 2-3 students came; let's call them S26 thorough S27 (I suppose S28-S32 didn't come at all).

Anyway, here are my apologies.

I apologize to S1-S10 for everything; you came in time and you have no part in all that.

As for S11-S32: I think most of you should study the possibility that sometimes you are missing something significant by coming late or not coming at all. Yet remember that class attendance is *not* mandatory so you have the full right to be late or not to attend class at all. So I apologize for "scolding"; it is not for me to complain about your legitimate decisions.

Special further apologies to those of S11-S32 that were delayed or prevented from coming by circumstances beyond their control.

Special further apologies to S22-S25 (the last few to show up before I started complaining) and especially to S25, the very last to show up before I started complaining. You had no way of knowing how many other students showed up late, so you had all reasons to think that my scolding was directed personally at you. That was not the case.

Special further apologies to those in the inersection of the last two groups of students: these in the intersection must have had a morning that started bad with circumstances beyond their control, and continued worse by seeing the Prof. interrupt class just because of them, yet it was not even within their control. So again, special further apologies to the intersection.

Further apologies to S26-S32 who missed the whole fun event.



Class Notes

The notes below are by the students and for the students. Hopefully they are useful, but they come with no guarantee of any kind.

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