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Documents pertaining to the "Citizenship Oath" case are at

This is the wiki portion of Dror Bar-Natan's web site. It is not a standalone page - it has no overall tree structure and there is no specific entry point. Rather it is just the common location for those of for my pages that could benefit from being editable by others and/or from having their history preserved and/or by having an associated "discussion" page.

Ok. Here are some of the pages here anyway:

Seminars and Classes

AKT-17, 1617-257, 15-344, 14-240, 14-1100, AKT-14, 12-240, 12-267, WKO, 11-1100, 10-327, 10-1100, Knot at Lunch, 09-240, AKT-09, 08-401, 0708-1300, 07-401, 07-1352, 06-240, 06-1350.