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Important. The good deed points are extra, bonus, a treat. If you got some you should be happy. But if you got none, so what? You are still eligible to get an A+ in this class just going the normal routes.

(Note that when the class photo page was introduced I said there would be no penalty for not adding your name there. This is equivalent to saying that no good deed points should be awarded for just putting your name there).

User id Deed or deeds All contributions Points
Anne.d Added two links. show 2
Babo Two scanned solution sets (one partially wikified). Not-properly-linked scans of notes from about 9 classes and tutorials. Typos fixed. show 12
Bahadurj Scanned notes for one class. show 4
Bofu2007 Minor edits, Chinese proverb. show 3
Bright Scanned notes for 8 classes (+2 unlinked). show 25
C8sd Typeset notes for about 5 classes, typeset several solution sets, helped others to post scans, very major wiki cleanup and typo-fixing on many pages. show 25
C9db One typeset proof, some editing and typos fixed. show 5
Dinesh.ramdhayan Minor. show 1
Erikzb Minor typos fixed. show 1
Gdjones Wiki notes for two classes, partial wiki solution for one HW assignment, full scans of typed solutions for 3 HW assignments. show 25
Hanaru Scanned notes for 3 classes. show 12
JPistone Typo fixed in a scanned page. show 1
Kjgry Typeset (in PDF) notes for 13 classes and 1 tutorial. show 25
Mantynen Scanned notes for one class and about 4 tutorials, with some wikification, 3-4 wikified HW solutions. show 25
Max.k Minor typo fixed. show 1
Milcak Scanned notes for 3 classes, one HW solution set, several touches to other pages. show 19
Physics Comments. show 1
Polychoron Scanned notes for one class, fixed broken link. show 5
RawrReal One line in a solution set. show 1
Raymct 3 typos fixed. show 2
SangheeP Much misplaced/misnamed/unlinked material. show 5
Sknad Wiki solutions to three HW assignments, three good external links, typo fixed, partial TT solution. show 22
Stephie Wiki notes for one class. show 5
Valdez84 Commercial link (removed). show 0
Yangjiay Scanned notes for three classes. (Several further unlinked and late scans deleted.) show 14

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Note. A large quantity of unsorted misplaced and misnamed scans was moved to 09-240/Misplaced Material.