09-240/Classnotes for Thursday October 15

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Oct.15th classnotes pg1.jpg Oct.15th classnotes pg2.jpg Oct.15th classnotes pg3.jpg Oct.15th classnotes pg4.jpg

Oct 15, 2009 Lecture Notes Page 1.JPG Oct 15, 2009 Lecture Notes Page 2.JPG.JPG Oct 15, 2009 Lecture Notes Page 3.JPG OCT 15, 2009 Lecture Notes Page 4.JPG

A Further Set of Lecture Notes

Oct15tutorialnevena1.jpg Oct15tutorialnevena2.jpg Oct15tutorialnevena3.jpg Oct15tutorialnevena4.jpg Oct15tutorialnevena5.jpg Oct15tutorialnevena6.jpg

Nevena's Tutorial (October 15th)

Oct20tutorialnevena1.jpg Oct20tutorialnevena2.jpg Oct20tutorialnevena3.jpg Oct20tutorialnevena4.jpg Oct20tutorialnevena5.jpg Oct20tutorialnevena6.jpg Oct20tutorialnevena7.jpg Oct20tutorialnevena8.jpg