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A Message from Accessibility Services

"Accessibility Services requires dependable volunteer note-takers in this course to assist students with disabilities. Those who are interested in assisting with this essential service will gain valuable volunteer experience and a certificate of recognition. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer note-taker, please take an information form and register online, or visit the Accessibility Services office at 215 Huron Street."

You can also sign up online, at http://www.accessibility.utoronto.ca/newreturn/note_taking_accommodation.htm.

WARNING: The notes below, written for students and by students, are provided "as is", with absolutely no warranty. They can not be assumed to be complete, correct, reliable or relevant. If you don't like them, don't read them. It is a bad idea to stop taking your own notes thinking that these notes can be a total replacement - there's nothing like one's own handwriting! Visit this pages' history tab to see who added what and when.

Class notes for today

(In the above gallery, there is a complete copy of notes for the lecture given on November 10th by Professor Natan (in PDF format).

Nevena's Tutorial (October 1st)

Oct1tutorialnevena1.jpg Oct1tutorialnevena2.jpg Oct1tutorialnevena3.jpg Oct1tutorialnevena4.jpg Oct1tutorialnevena5.jpg Oct1tutorialnevena6.jpg Oct1tutorialnevena7.jpg