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Our class on September 24, 2009:

Class Photo: click to enlarge

Please identify yourself in this photo! There are two ways to do that:

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  • Send Dror an email message with this information.

The first option is more fun but less private.

Who We Are...

First name Last name UserID Email In the photo Comments
Dror Bar-Natan Drorbn drorbn@ math.toronto.edu facing everybody, as the photographer Take this entry as a model and leave it first. Otherwise alphabetize by last name. Feel free to leave some fields blank. For better line-breaking, leave a space next to the "@" in email addresses.
Jared Bahadur bahadurj jared.bahadur@ utoronto.ca left index fingernail visible on handrail at Bar-Natan's right
Max Barkley SpectralWolf max.barkley@ utoronto.ca fourth guy from the left in the front row, beside the guy with the huge mouth
Polina Binder polyacat polina.binder@ utoronto.ca The girl in blue, to the right of the stairs at the top.
Daniel Bloemendal c9db d.bloemendal@ utoronto.ca In between "use coordinates" on the top right blackboard.
Yi Le Chen AlecC alec.chen@ utoronto.ca the guy in black T-shirt at 2nd to the left, on the 2nd standing row, with glasses
Daniel Chou Danielchou daniel.chou@ utoronto.ca the guy above the guy with the yellow shirt. Hi People.
Ha Yoon Chung babo hayoon.chung@ utoronto.ca the guy above k.ott I'm hungry.
Wen-Jian Chung cwjian90 cwjian90@ yahoo.com top right corner, guy with Einstein's face on his shirt.
Andrew Danks Sknad a.danks at utoronto.ca Towards middle; maroon shirt
Eric Desmarais EricD eric.desmarais@ utoronto.ca back row, two to the right of the centre lamp post with the beard and glasses and the "has the picture been taken?" look.
Anne Dranovski anne.d a.dranovski@ utoronto.ca third row, sitting, green and happy.
Jonathan Gafar JG89 jonathan.gafar@ utoronto.ca the guy in the last row to the right of the big pole.
Hyungmo Gu Hmgu7 moe.gu@ utoronto.ca the guy with brown

shirt in the fifth row, third from the right.

Vesselin Ivanov Gungrave vesselin.ivanov@ utoronto.ca Last row, 7th from the right, with a shiny dog-tag.
Travis Jeffery Travisjeffery t.jeffery@ utoronto.ca Blue sweater, headphones around neck on the left. Ask her to wait a moment--I am almost done.
Max Klambauer Max.k maximilian. klambauer@ utoronto.ca Last row, almost as far right as possible; I'm the guy with long hair hidden behind the other guy with long, black hair.
Joonhan Lee Joonhan86 tomko_lee@ hotmail.com one small single picture at top right hand side
Ke Li Polychoron keli.li@ utoronto.ca 5th row, 4th guy from right with orange checkered shirt
Zhao Li lzh8571 lzh8571@ live.com at the 4th from right in the top right picture, with glasses and jacket
Emma Lindquist Elindquist emmalindquist@ utoronto.ca Far left of front row
Serhei Makarov Serhei serhei.makarov@ utoronto.ca gray shirt, standing on the step under the guy with fingers on the rail (i.e. bahadurj)
Alex Mann Mannimal alexander.mann@ utoronto.ca last row, third guy to the right of the guy on the rail 240>157
Paul Mantynen mantynen paul.mantynen@ utoronto.ca 4th row, third from the right in a black shirt
Raymond McTaggart Raymct raymond.mctaggart@ gmail.com Flying in the top-right sky. The one with the black t-shirt be
Ying Miao Miaoying ying.miao@ utoronto.ca girl beside the guy who was wearing blue cap and smiling happily.
Adam Michaud Invariel invariel@ gmail.com Back row, black coat, dark hair, full, dark beard, fifth from the right. Braaaaaaains...
Juraj Milcak Milcak j.milcak@ utoronto.ca 2nd row, 1st from the right, green shirt
Michael Praveen Muthurajah Michael.muthurajah michael.muthurajah@ utoronto.ca farthest right but in the middle of the picture,the brown guy with a black cap wearing blue jeans carrying a backpack on my right shoulder It's a pleasure to be in this class,math answers everything
George Nikitakis GeorgeN george.nikitakis@ utoronto.ca Part of the group floating in the top right corner. Second from the left
Kristian Ott k.ott k.ott@ utoronto.ca 4th guy from the right in the second row, wearing a green striped sweater
Sanghee Park SangheeP shee.park@ utoronto.ca glasses, a girl, first row, third from right, holding starbucks."
Jamie Pistone JPistone jamie.pistone@ utoronto.ca Guy in the second row on the outside of the left railing, guarded by the two guys with their arms crossed.
Radu Popescu RPopescu radu.popescu@ utoronto.ca Top left-hand box, second from the right
Dinesh Ramdhayan Dinesh® dinesh.ramdhayan@ utoronto.ca top left corner, 4th from the left
Stephen Roias Sven stephen.roias@ utoronto.ca top right corner, furthest right
Olivia Simmons OSimmons olivia.simmons@ yahoo.ca girl on the second top rown two people from the right
Evan Simpson ESimpson evan.simpson@ utoronto.ca 2nd Front Row, 2nd from the left, Green Shirt, Glasses Math is addictive don't try it.
Daniel Sinn c8sd second-last row, fourth from left
Wilbur Valdez Valdez84 wilbur.valdez@ utoronto.ca Third row yellow shirt guy :)
Johan VanZanten jvzanten j.vanzanten@ utoronto.ca first guy in blue shirt standing on the left of left railing
Yu Wang Bright bright_wangca@ hotmail.com 6th row (i think), 5th person from right, white shirt. Behind the guy with a plaid shirt and glasses.
Erik Zapf-Belanger erikzb erikzb@ gmail.com the guy third from the left in the front with the gigantic mouth Live long and prosper.
Yi Zhao zy861 zy861100@ hotmail.com guy at the 6th row and 4th from right, with grey shirt and black glasses