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These are weekly over-lunch knot theory meetings held at the University of Toronto.

Future Agendas Queue

The below are possible agendas for future meetings, roughly ordered by priority. Though the general principle will remain, that the whims of the moment always trump long term planning.

Newer Stuff

  • Added April 12, 2009: Perhaps one day we should group-read on braid groups and homotopy groups, arXiv:0904.0783, by Cohen and Wu?
  • Added April 12, 2009: Two other papers to look at are Basis-conjugating automorphisms of a free group and associated Lie algebras, arXiv:math/0610946, by Cohen, Pakianathan, Vershinin, and Wu and On the Lie algebras of surface pure braid groups, arXiv:0902.1963, by Enriquez and Vershinin.

Older Stuff

  • Drinfel'd's theorem on special derivations (see Drinfel'd's On quasitriangular Quasi-Hopf algebras and a group closely connected with , Leningrad Math. J. 2 (1991) 829-860, though I wouldn't be surprised if the theorem is actually older).
  • Can you prove that injects into ?
  • Will anybody be interested in reporting on A Sequence of Degree One Vassiliev Invariants for Virtual Knots, arXiv:0803.0754, by Allison Henrich?
  • Will anybody be interested in reporting on Virtual Crossing Number and the Arrow Polynomial, arXiv:0810.3858, by Heather Dye and Louis Kauffman?
  • Will anybody be interested in reporting on Introduction to Graph-Link Theory, arXiv:0810.5522, by Denis P. Ilyutko and Vassily O. Manturov?
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