Knot at Lunch on January 6 2010

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Dear Knot at Lunch People,

We will hold our first Knot at Lunch meeting of 2010 on Wednesday January 6 at noon; the location is not yet final, but if you hear nothing else you should assume it will be either Bahen 6180 or my office. I know this time is not perfect for some of you, but in as much as I could tell, all other mid-day options were even less good.

Bring a brown-bag lunch and lots of interesting things to say! This will be mostly an organizational and a re-acquittance meeting, but we may end up also doing some math.

Further information about this Knot at Lunch meeting may be posted later at

As always, if you know anyone I should add to this mailing list or if you wish to be removed from this mailing list please let me know. To prevent junk accumulation in mailboxes, I will actively remove inactive people unless they request otherwise.



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