Knot at Lunch on March 5 2008

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Dear Knot at Lunch People,

We will have our next lunch on Wednesday March 5, at the usual place, Bahen 6180, at 12 noon.

As always, please bring brown-bag lunch and fresh ideas. The agenda: Krzysztof Putyra may tell us about the Odd Khovanov Homology following arXiv:0710.4300, or we may talk about something else.

Further information about this meeting will/may appear at

As always, if you know anyone I should add to this mailing list or if you wish to be removed from this mailing list please let me know. To prevent junk accumulation in mailboxes, I will actively remove inactive people unless they request otherwise.



Some Content

  • Picture of Khovanov construction
  • 1+1 cobordisms and TQFT
  • Odd homologies by Rasmussen and Ozsvath - differences with Khovanov theory
  • Cobordisms with chronologies
  • Conditions on changing chronology to get a complex
  • How many link homology theories exists?

I (Krzysztof) will start with the original construction of Khovanov and a TQFT functor. Then describe the construction of Rasmussen and Ozsvath by showing the differences with the previous one. In this way I will show why chronology is natural for this construction and why we want linear relations for changing it. I'm going to do here some examples rather than all calculations. The last one is still an open question as I haven't found yet any new non-trivial theories, so the answer is 2-8.

See also BBS/Putyra-080305-140854.jpg.

Newer Content (Added April 16, 2008)

See GWU08-handout.pdf.