Knot at Lunch on April 2 2008

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April 1, 2008

Dear Knot at Lunch People,

We will have our next lunch on Wednesday April 2, at the usual place, Bahen 6180, at 12 noon.

As always, please bring brown-bag lunch and fresh ideas. The agenda: we will probably talk about Knotted Kung Fu Pandas, but we may talk about something else.

Another conference! "Fifty Years since Fox and Milnor" at Brandeis University (near Boston), June 2-5 2008. I will not be going since it clashes with some other commitment I have.

Further information about this Knot at Lunch meeting will/may appear at

As always, if you know anyone I should add to this mailing list or if you wish to be removed from this mailing list please let me know. To prevent junk accumulation in mailboxes, I will actively remove inactive people unless they request otherwise.



Further Agenda Items

  • Financial report.
  • Anybody wants to work with Iva on implementing Fionntan's paper?
  • Start reading Alekseev-Torossian?
  • Connect infinitesimal Artin and homotopy? (See also these handwritten notes).

Also See