Knot at Lunch on September 25 2008

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Dear Knot at Lunch People,

We will have our next lunch on Thursday September 25, at the (new and hopefully temporary) usual place, the seminar room on the 10th floor of 215 Huron St., at 12 noon.

As always, please bring brown-bag lunch and fresh ideas. The agenda: Mikami Hirasawa will tell us about the results in his paper Seifert surfaces in open books, and a new coding algorithm for links, (with R. Furihata and T. Kobayashi), Bull. London Math Soc. 40 (2008) 405-414, arXiv:math.GT/0511152.

Further information about this Knot at Lunch meeting may be posted later at

As always, if you know anyone I should add to this mailing list or if you wish to be removed from this mailing list please let me know. To prevent junk accumulation in mailboxes, I will actively remove inactive people unless they request otherwise.



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