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Grading the Homework Assignments

I have graded the homework assignments very loosely and without too much attention to detail, on a scale from 0 to 100.

  • In HW1, each of the 4 questions was worth 25 points and the "hard and not mandatory" part of problem 1 was worth up to 20 "bonus" points.
  • In HW2, the first two questions were worth 30 points each and the third was worth 40 points.
  • In HW3 each part was worth approximately 20 points, but I graded the whole assignment as one unit without giving grades to the individual parts.
  • For HW4 the scale was:
Grade Meaning
100 significant mathematical contribution
95 some mathematical contribution
90 cosmetic contribution
85 assignment submitted

Grading the Final

I have used the following key in grading the final exam:

Question Grade Total Grade Meaning
34 102 Your essay(s) is/are worthy of publication (very rare)
32 96 Your essay(s) is/are worthy of weblication (rare)
30 90 Your essay(s) indicated solid understanding of the material, but there is no reason for anyone other than you and me to read them (most common)
28 84 Your essay(s) indicated some understanding of the material, but also some gaps
26 78 You've studied for the exam and thought about the material, but not enough

Good Deeds

The good deeds were public and so are the points awarded to them. (Note that work internal to HW4 is given credit under homework, not here).

Name User id Deed or deeds All wiki contributions Points
Zavosh Amir-Khosravi Zak Fixed one typo. show 1
Omar Antolin Camarena Omar Proved that the obstruction group related to the construction of vanishes (but did not write his proof!). show 10
Jana Archibald Jana  - show 0
Michael Baily Bailey  - show 0
Karene Chu Karenechu  - show 0
Andrew Critch ? Lead a very useful review class. show 12
Zsuzsi Dancso Zsuzsi Posted an attempted solution of an exercise. show 8
Michael de Jong michael Posted scanned class notes for one class. show 8
Andy Hammerlindl Andy Posted class notes for many classes, wrote 06-1350/Syzygies in Asymptote (and related pages and programs). show 50
Oleg Ivrii Oivrii Posted typeset class notes for two classes (1, 2), though linking the images in a funny way. show 12
Louis Leung ?  - show 0
Fionntan Roukema Roukema Started a discussion (that did not go far...). show 4
Siddarth Sankaran Sankaran Presented VasCalc in class. show 12
Kristin Shaw Shawkm  - show 0

Your Overall Grade

I felt the original formula for the overall grade was unfair to a number of students who did not do well throughout the term but then improved greatly towards the end. Thus your grade will be the better of a 50-50 mix of your HW grade and your exam grade and a 20-80 mix of those two grades. Good deed points are accounted for as explained in 06-1350/About This Class.

      Name       HW1 HW2 HW3 HW4 Final Deeds 50-50 20-80 Grade