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Our class on September 28, 2006:

Class Photo: click to enlarge

Please identify yourself in this photo! There are two ways to do that:

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The first option is more fun but less private.

Who We Are

First name Last name UserID Email In the photo Comments
Dror Bar-Natan Drorbn drorbn@ math.toronto.edu facing everybody, as the photographer Take this entry as a model and leave it first. Otherwise alphabetize by last name. Feel free to leave some fields blank
Michael Bailey bailey bailey@ math.toronto.edu the guy looking all mysterious like it's a perfume commercial or something
Karene Chu Karenechu karene@ math.toronto.edu second row 3rd from left
Zsuzsi Dancso Zsuzsi zsuzsi@ math.toronto.edu first row, second from the right
Andy Hammerlindl Andy hammera@ telusplanet.net third row, third from right
Oleg Ivrii Oivrii oleg@ math.toronto.edu last row, middle of the sitting
Michael de Jong michael michael.dejong@ utoronto.ca standing in the back, on the left
Jana Archibald Jana jfa@ math.toronto.edu Third row, First on right
Kristin Shaw Shawkm shawkm@ math.toronto.edu second row, second from the left
Omar Antolin Camarena Oantolin oantolin@ math.toronto.edu second row, furthest to the left (mostly obscured by people in front row)
Fionntan Roukema Roukema froukema@ math.toronto.edu First row, furthest to the right. Head roughly where the diagonals of the picture meet. Don't seem to be wearing socks of any great worth
Siddarth Sankaran Sankaran siddarth.sankaran@ utoronto. ca Front row centre.