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dbnvp is a style for video pages and a collection of programs to create and manage pages of that style.



To Do

  • Save current time and other state parameters with cookies.
  • "Previous/next" links.
  • "These notes are (mostly) by the students and for the students...".
  • Allow linking into a specific video time.
  • Single frame extraction: ffmpeg -i ogg/wClips-120222_720.ogg -f image2 -ss 00:03:31 -vframes 1 -r 1 frames/wClips-120222-000351.jpg.
  • See that BBS inclusions will also include shot comments, if any.


  • Allow an independent refresh of the "comments" panel.
  • Allow linking of blackboard shots. Each Talk.php may set parameters to manage blackboard shots:
    • "bbsfolder" - a directory for the bbs.
    • "bbstime" - a function to compute the absolute time of a shot from its filename. In case of an invalid file, should return 0.
    • In addition, Talk.php should contain a "startingtime" and an "endingtime" parameters.