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Core Algebra I

Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto, Fall 2011

Agenda: Groups, rings, modules.

Course Highlights: We'll solve the Rubik's cube! We'll understand many groups of small order! We'll understand "Modules over PIDs"!

Instructor: Dror Bar-Natan, drorbn@math.toronto.edu, Bahen 6178, 416-946-5438. Office hours: by appointment.

Classes: Tuesdays 10-12 and Thursdays 10-11 in Bahen 6183.

Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant: Stephen Morgan, stephen.morgan@utoronto.ca.


Lang's Algebra, Selick's lecture notes for this class, Dummit and Foote's Abstract Algebra, Hungerford's Abstract Algebra.

Further Resources

  • Some (mostly complete) notes from last year's class: 10-1100-Notes.
Dror's notes above / Student's notes below
  • Very cool video explaining how to visualize some concepts in group theory (User:jmracek): [1]

Xkcdsettheory.jpg Link: [[2]]