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Important. The good deed points are extra, bonus, a treat. If you got some you should be happy. But if you got none, so what? You are still eligible to get an A+ in this class just going the normal routes. Good deeds are done in public and the grades are public too.

User id Deed or deeds All contributions Points
Anai Handwritten notes for two classes. show 8
Anne.d Much web cleanup, annotated two videos, typed lecture notes for one class. show 14
Asher - show -
bcd One discussion comment, one nicely typed HW solution. show 7
Cdipoce - show -
Colah Last minute: two "pictures and extra material" pages, one nicely typed HW solution. show 8
D Two discussion comments. show 2
DavidB Some discussion of one HW assignment. show 2
Fzhao Typo fixed, some discussion of one HW assignment. show 2
Ian Three discussion comments. show 2
Jdw Web link, handwritten notes for 14 classes, some discussion of four HW assignments and one class, typo pointed out. show 25
Johnfleming Solved two riddles (one with a picture), linked to a solution of one riddle, typed one more, some discussion of two HW assignments and two classes, minor web cleanup. show 15
Liuqiong.shi Handwritten notes for five classes. show 16
milcak Annotated five videos. show 16
Oliviulazar Some discussion of two HW assignments. show 2
Simon - show -
Soomin kang - show -
Wesley Some discussion of one HW assignment. show 1
Xwbdsb Handwritten supplementary notes for four classes, typo fixed, many questions and active discussions, two HW solutions on annoying external sites, another handwritten HW solution, annotated three videos, low quality iphone images of some solution sets (including the TT). show 25

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