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  • 10-327/Kai Yang 997712756

1.Assignment solutions 1-8, term test solutions.

2.For lecture 3. Complete proof for the equality of three topologies generated by basis B. And solution to the four exercises.

3.For lecture 4. Some more illustration on Uniqueness of the product topology satisfying condition 1&2. Complete proof of the subspace topology is the unique topology satisfying condition 1&2. Proof for a couple of claims: The product topology on R_std and R_std is the standard topology on R^2 and subspace topology on Z as a subspace of Y which is a subspace of Z is the same as the subspace topology on Z as a subspace of X, where Y is a subspace of X.

4.Some extra problem (not to be handed in) for HW2.

5.Annotated a few lecture videos.

6.A few more solutions to questions about metric spaces with illustrations.

7.A picture to summarize properties/thms about T3/3.5/4/4.5 spaces.