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# Week of... Notes and Links
1 Sep 13 About This Class, Monday - Continuity and open sets, Thursday - topologies, continuity, bases.
2 Sep 20 Monday - More on bases, Thursdsay - Products, Subspaces, Closed sets, HW1, HW1 Solutions
3 Sep 27 Monday - the Cantor set, closures, Thursday, Class Photo, HW2, HW2 Solutions
4 Oct 4 Monday - the axiom of choice and infinite product spaces, Thursday - the box and the product topologies, metric spaces, HW3, HW3 Solutions
5 Oct 11 Monday is Thanksgiving. Thursday - metric spaces, sequencial closures, various products. Final exam's date announced on Friday.
6 Oct 18 Monday - connectedness in {\mathbb R}, HW4, HW4 Solutions, Thursday - connectedness, path-connectedness and products
7 Oct 25 Monday - Compactness of [0,1], Term Test on Thursday, TT Solutions
8 Nov 1 Monday - compact is closed and bounded, maximal values, HW5, HW5 Solutions, Wednesday was the last date to drop this course, Thursday - compactness of products and in metric spaces, the FIP
9 Nov 8 Monday-Tuesday is Fall Break, Thursday - Tychonoff and a taste of Stone-Cech, HW6, HW6 Solutions
10 Nov 15 Monday - generalized limits, Thursday - Normal spaces and Urysohn's lemma, HW7, HW7 Solutions
11 Nov 22 Monday - T_{3.5} and I^A, Thursday - Tietze's theorem
12 Nov 29 Monday - compactness in metric spaces, HW8, HW8 Solutions, Thursday - completeness and compactness
13 Dec 6 Monday - Baire spaces and no-where differentiable functions, Wednesday - Hilbert's 13th problem; also see December 2010 Schedule
R Dec 13 See December 2010 Schedule
F Dec 20 Final exam, Monday December 20, 2PM-5PM, at BR200
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