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See some blackboard shots at BBS/10_327-100923-143358.jpg.

Dror's notes above / Student's notes below

Here are some lecture notes..

Lecture 4 page 1

Lecture 4 page 2

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Lecture 4 page 4

Lecture 4 page 5

Lecture 4 page 6

  • Supplementary Notes to Lecture 4(By Kai)

For lecture 4. Some more illustration on Uniqueness of the product topology satisfying condition 1&2. Complete proof of the subspace topology is the unique topology satisfying condition 1&2. Proof for a couple of claims: The product topology on R_std and R_std is the standard topology on R^2 and subspace topology on Z as a subspace of Y which is a subspace of Z is the same as the subspace topology on Z as a subspace of X, where Y is a subspace of X.

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