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  • Below are a couple of lemmata critical to the derivation we did in class - the Professor left this little work to the students:
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The Real Numbers

The Real Numbers are a set (denoted by \mathbb{R}) along with two binary operations: + (plus) and · (times) and two special elements: 0 (zero) and 1 (one), such that the following laws hold true:

\mathbb{R}1: \forall a, b\in \mathbb{R} we have a+b=b+a and a\cdot b=b\cdot a (The Commutative Laws)

\mathbb{R}2: \forall a, b, c\in \mathbb{R} we have (a+b)+c=a+(b+c) and (a\cdot b)\cdot c=a\cdot (b\cdot c) (The Associative Laws)

\mathbb{R}3: 0 is an additive unit and 1 is a multiplicative unit (The Existence of Units/Identities)

\mathbb{R}4: \forall a\in \mathbb{R} \ \exists b\in \mathbb{R} \mbox{ s.t.} \ a+b=0

This is incomplete.