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Additions to this web site no longer count towards good deed points.
# Week of... Notes and Links
1 Sep 10 About This Class, Tuesday, Thursday
2 Sep 17 HW1, Tuesday, Thursday, HW1 Solutions
3 Sep 24 HW2, Tuesday, Class Photo, Thursday
4 Oct 1 HW3, Tuesday, Thursday
5 Oct 8 HW4, Tuesday, Thursday
6 Oct 15 Tuesday, Thursday
7 Oct 22 HW5, Tuesday, Term Test was on Thursday. HW5 Solutions
8 Oct 29 Why LinAlg?, HW6, Tuesday, Thursday, Nov 4 is the last day to drop this class
9 Nov 5 Tuesday, Thursday
10 Nov 12 Monday-Tuesday is UofT November break, HW7, Thursday
11 Nov 19 HW8, Tuesday,Thursday
12 Nov 26 HW9, Tuesday , Thursday
13 Dec 3 Tuesday UofT Fall Semester ends Wednesday
F Dec 10 The Final Exam (time, place, style, office hours times)
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