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Our class on September 25, 2012:

Class Photo: click to enlarge

Please identify yourself in this photo! There are two ways to do that:

  • Log in to this Wiki and edit this page. Put your name, userid, email address and location in the picture in the alphabetical list below.
  • Send Dror an email message with this information.

The first option is more fun but less private.

Who We Are...

First Name Last Name ID e-mail Location Comments
Dror Bar-Natan Drorbn drorbn@ math. toronto. edu facing everybody, as the photographer Take this entry as a model and leave it first. Otherwise alphabetize by last name. Feel free to leave some fields blank. For better line-breaking, leave a space next to the "@" in email addresses.
Lin-Liang Wu okmijn22 wlinliang@ gmail. com U of T Shirt standing on the left.
Piotr Bartnicki Peter piotr.bartnicki@ mail.utoronto.ca Left part of the last row sitting directly between two standing guys, *left* of the one in orange (from the camera's perspective) and to the right of one in a black striped shirt
Oguzhan Can Oguzhancan oguzhan.can @ mail. utoronto .ca seventh row from front, fifth from the right, blue tshirt
Walter Cashore wcashore wcashore 12 @ hotmail .com third row back, in the green star wars shirt great pic guys
Rebecca Frailich Rebecca.frailich rebecca. frailich@ mail. utoronto. ca Last row, in between two guys standing at the back (one in red, one in black)
Ken Hoover Khoover ken.hoover@ mail.utoronto.ca First row, fourth from the right.
Christopher Kennedy ckennedy christopherpa. kennedy@ mail. utoronto. ca Third row; third from the right in white
Josefine Klingspor Josefine josefine. klingspor@ mail. utoronto. ca First row, second from left.
Quan Le Quanle quan. le@ mail. utoronto. ca Start bottom right corner, third from right. Go three steps north-west. Directly north-east from there, in blue collar shirt
Zhaowei Liu tod tod. liu@ mail. utoronto .ca First row, third from the right
Peter Lue Peterlue peter. lue@ mail. utoronto. ca On the left edge 3rd from the back in the reddish shirt
Richard Millson Richardm r.millson@ mail. utoronto. ca Seventh row from the front, fourth from the right, blue sweater
Celton McGrath CeltonMcGrath celton. mcgrath@ mail. utoronto. ca 4th row front from, centre right, brown sweater
Karen Morenz KJMorenz kjmorenz@ gmail.com 3rd-ish row from the back, centre right, purple shirt
Li Pan panli19 panli19@ gmail. com fourth row, the guy in grey fleece sweater.
Derek Ratz Derek.ratz ratz. derek@ gmail. com 2nd from the back, 2 in from the far left, yellow shirt
Pratyush Sarkar Pratyush pratyush. sarkar@ mail. utoronto. ca Somewhere at the back. I think I was in the row, from the right. There were some empty seats so I am closer to the middle along the row.
Cheng Yu Tong Chengyu.tong chengyu. tong@ mail. utoronto. ca fourth row from the front on the left side of the picture wearing green sweater and black rimmed glasses
Felipe Vicencio-Heap Heapfeli felipe. vicencio. heap@ mail. utoronto. ca Second row from the front, furthest to the right.
Kyle Wamer kylewamer kyle. wamer @ mail. utoronto. ca Second row, fifth from the left in the red shirt.
Chen Yang chen neochen. yang@ mail. utoronto. ca sixth row, first from the right in the black pull-over.
Tianlin Yang Tianlin.yang Tianin.Yang@ mail. utoronto. ca 4th row, first from left in blue wind coat.
BingZhen Zhang Zetalda bingzhen. zhang@ mail. utoronto. ca Second last row, third from left.
TianChen Zhao Ericolony zhao_ tianchen@ hotmail. com fourth row, the guy in green shirt.
Sina Zoghi sina.zoghi sina.zoghi@ utoronto .ca First row, leftest left.
Zacharie Léger zach.leger8 zacharie. leger@ mail. utronto. ca 5th row in a black T-shirt.
Minqi Wang Michael.Wang wangminqi@ yahoo.cn First row, fourth from the left in black oufit)
Grace Zhu gracez grace. zhu@ mail. utoronto. ca Third row, second from right