12-240/Classnotes for Tuesday October 16

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1. If G generates, |G| n and G contains a basis, |G|=n then G is a basis

2. If L is linearly independent, |L| n and L can be extended to be a basis. |L|=n => L is a basis.

3.W V a subspace then W is finite dimensioned and dim W dim V

If dim W = dim V, then V = W If dim W < dim V, then any basis of W can be extended to be a basis of V

Proof of W is finite dimensioned:

Let L be a linearly independent subset of W which is of maximal size.

Fact about N

Every subset A of N, which is:

1. Non empty

2. Bounded : N N, a A, a N

has a maximal element: an element m A, a A, a m ( m + 1 A )

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