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The term test was held on Thursday October 28, 2010; it is available at TT.pdf, and all marks are available on the annoying UofT Portal.

The average grade was 72 and the standard deviation 26.5, but this does not tell the story right. The results are highly polarized; here is the full list of grades:

100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 98 98 88 87 86 84 82 81 77 73 72 70 66 63 63 55 53 52 50 49 45 45 41 41 34 28 28 25 14

To me this means that there is a large group of students who are on top of things, and for whom that was an easy exam. Yet there is also a smaller group of students (say, those with grades near 50 or below) who either did not study or do not have the required background. These students should feel very alarmed. If you are one of them and you do not have a truly realistic plan to turn things around (it is not too late), you should quit this class by the faculty deadline of November 3rd, before it becomes an unnecessary dark spot on your transcript.

If your grade is 100, you have nothing to learn from this exam. (That may be a curse in disguise! Don't get over-confident!). If it is anything less, you missed something, even if something small. At any rate, you should read your exam carefully to see what that something is and to come up with a plan to fix it for the final, so that your grade then will be 100.

Note that problems with writing are problems, period. Perhaps you got a low grade but you feel you know the material enough for a high grade only you didn't write everything you know or you didn't it write well enough or the silly graders simply didn't get what you wrote (and it isn't a simple misunderstanding - see "appeals" below). If this describes you, don't underestimate your problem. If you don't process and resolve it, it is likely to recur.


Remember! Grading is a difficult process and mistakes always happen - solutions get misread, parts are forgotten, grades are not added up correctly. You must read your exam and make sure that you understand how it was graded. If you disagree with anything, don't hesitate to complain! Your first stop should be the person who graded the problem in question, and only if you can't agree with him you should appeal to Dror.

Problems 3 and 4 were graded by Dror. All other problems were graded by David Reiss.

The deadline to start the appeal process is Thursday November 11 at 4PM.

Dror's notes above / Student's notes below