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Our class on September 30, 2010:

Class Photo: click to enlarge

Please identify yourself in this photo! There are two ways to do that:

  • Log in to this Wiki and edit this page. Put your name, userid, email address and location in the picture in the alphabetical list below.
  • Send Dror an email message with this information.

The first option is more fun but less private.

Who We Are...

First name Last name UserID Email In the photo Comments
Dror Bar-Natan Drorbn drorbn@ math.toronto.edu facing everybody, as the photographer Take this entry as a model and leave it first. Otherwise alphabetize by last name. Feel free to leave some fields blank. For better line-breaking, leave a space next to the "@" in email addresses.

Simon Cheung Simon simon.cheung (at) utoronto.ca At center right, middle row. Black jacket, black shirt, glasses.
Ben Darwin bcd [first.last] @ utoronto.ca Back row, 2nd from left
Christian DiPoce Cdipoce christian.dipoce@ utoronto.ca very back row, 2nd from right black t-shirt, yellow writing; as handsome as ever.
Anne Dranovski Anne.d a.dranovski@ utoronto.edu front row, jean jacket.
John Fleming Johnfleming john.fleming@ utoronto.ca back row seventh from the left. white collared shirt
Ian Hung Ian ian.hung@ utoronto.ca Right end of second row I'm wearing a white hoodie
Juraj Milcak milcak j.milcak @ utoronto.edu frontmost, rightmost.
Jason Woodfine Jdw jason(dot)woodfine (at) utoronto(dot)ca 3rd Row (from front), 4th (from left). Grey collared shirt, arms crossed, glasses.
Kai Yang xwbdsb kai.b.yang @ utoronto.ca . Was planning to take the picture but was late because of washroom...
Frank Zhao Fzhao frank.zhao@ utoronto.ca 2nd Row (from front), 6th (from left). The one in the blue shirt
Christopher Olah Colah christopherolah.co@gmail.com 1st Row (from front), Middle. In grey.