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Our class on September 27, 2011:

Class Photo: click to enlarge

Please identify yourself in this photo! There are two ways to do that:

  • Log in to this Wiki and edit this page. Put your name, userid, email address and location in the picture in the alphabetical list below.
  • Send Dror an email message with this information.

The first option is more fun but less private.

Who We Are...

First name Last name UserID Email In the photo Comments
Dror Bar-Natan Drorbn drorbn@ math. toronto. edu facing everybody, as the photographer Take this entry as a model and leave it first. Otherwise alphabetize by last name. Feel free to leave some fields blank. For better line-breaking, leave a space next to the "@" in email addresses.
Chris Blake Chris blake2001 blakechr@ utoronto.ca 5th from left, back row
Quentin Couix Couixque quentin. couix@ mail. utoronto .ca 2nd from the right, front row white shirt
Sergio Da Silva Sdasilva sergio. dasilva@ utoronto.ca fifth from the right, front row wearing a dark blue shirt
Vanessa Foster vanessa.foster vanessa. foster@ mail. utoronto.ca front row, 4th person from the left Wearing a long sleeve T with stripes
Grigorios Fournodavlos Gregdavlos greg. fournodavlos @mail. utoronto. ca back row, 6th person from the left Wearing blue striped shirt
Parker Glynn-Adey pgadey parker. glynn. adey@ math. toronto. edu Fifth from the right in the back row Glowing bald guy with yellow shirt.
Mary He ymhe yanmary.he@ utoronto.ca Third from the left in the front row navy sweater
Daniel Hirschmeier Dhirschm daniel. hirschmeier@ utoronto.ca back row farthest to the right blonde guy, white t-shirt with a cowboy on it.
Tyler Holden tholden tholden @ math. toronto. edu Roughly in the middle, under the  N \triangleleft G but obscuring the  \pi Wearing a black polo.
François Lamirande Flamirande francois. lamirande@ mail. utoronto.ca Back row, first from left Orange shirt
Yiannis Loizides Yloizides yiannis.loizides@ mail.utoronto.ca Front row, far left
Philip Mar Pallenmar pallenmar@ gmail.com 4th from right white shirt among white shirts
Juraj Milcak Milcak j.milcak at utoronto on the right
James Mracek jmracek jmracek @ math. toronto. edu 7th from the right (or left) in the back row Glasses with black and white t-shirt.
Roberto Nobrega Rwnobrega rwnobrega@ gmail.com 6th from the left, front row
Josh Seaton Josh.seaton josh. seaton@ utoronto. com front and centre red & white shirt
Jerrod Smith Smith36j jerrod.smith {at} utoronto {dot} ca Back row, 3rd from left Brown t-shirt
Daniel Soukup Dsoukup daniel.soukup {at} mail. utoronto.ca front row, 4th person from the right Wearing a dark red shirt.
Arben Tapia Arben arbentapia@ gmail.com 5th from right dark brown shirt.
Louis-Philippe Thibault Lp.thibault lp.thibault@ utoronto.ca Back row, 2nd from left Yellow and Blue t-shirt
Nan Wu Wunan3 n.wu@ utoronto.ca 3rd from right,back row red shirt
Lei Zhang Zhanglei leizhang@ comm. utoronto.ca 4th from left, back row Glasses, white shirt.