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Last two weeks of the course and I have finally started a page... better late than never right?



  • For people who are also in Topology, both DF and Lang have sections on the snake lemma, complexes, short exact sequences...etc

Read Along

Here are some sections to check out in Dummit Foote (Third ed.) and Lang regarding what we have covered on Modules.


  1. Nov 17- Chap 10: Introduction to Module Theory
  2. Nov 22- Chap 12: Modules over Principal Ideal Domains.
    • See p.464 (Theorem 6. Fundamental Theorem, Existence: Elementary Divisor Form) which is DF's statement of the Theorem we finished proving on Tuesday.
  3. Nov 24- Chap 10: Tensor Products of R-modules (p.359 Section 10.4)

Useful examples in DF

  1. DF, does a nice write up on F[x]-modules which I found to be quite helpful. See p. 340


  1. Nov 17-Chap 3 p.117-127 For the basics.
  2. Nov 22- Chap 3 p.149-155

Homework Solutions

Random Fun Things


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