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~In the above gallery, there is a complete copy of notes for the lecture given on December 1st by Professor Natan (in PDF format).

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MAT240 – December 1st

Basic Properties of \det : \mathbb M_{n \times n} \rightarrow F:

(Note that det(EA) = det(E)·det(A) and that det(A) may be written as |A|.)

0. \,\! \det(I) = 1

1. \det(E^1_{i,j}A) = -\det(A) ; |E^1_{i,j}|= -1

Exchanging two rows flips the sign.

2. \det(E^2_{i,c}A) = c \cdot \det(A) ; |E^2_{i,c}| = c

These are "enough"!

3. \det(E^3_{i,j,c}A) = \det(A) ; |E^3_{i,j,c}| = 1

Adding a multiple of one row to another does not change the determinant.

The determinant of any matrix can be calculated using the properties above.


If {\det}' : \mathbb M_{n \times n} \rightarrow F satisfies properties 0-3 above, then \det' = \det

\det(A) = \det'(A)

Philosophical remark: Why not begin our inquiry with the properties above?

We must find an implied need for their use; thus, we must know whether a function \det exists first.