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Dear All,

I've talked to each of you (except Sam, sorry) about preferred times for the wClips Seminar, and so far our best time choice would be Wednesdays 12-2. Please confirm that it works for you!

MAT 1001 Analysis II meets at the same time. MAT 1061 PDE II meets Wednesdays at 1. MAT 1847 Holomorphic Dynamics meets Wednesdays 11-1. I think these are the only course conflicts, and I think none of these is very serious (though we may have a room problem).

Let me remind you that the plan is to go over the WKO paper (http://www.math.toronto.edu/drorbn/papers/WKO/) section by section while at the same time producing a series of wideo clips that will serve as a "companion" to the paper - they will be linked to and from the relevant sections of the paper. The seminar will be us and ours, but it will be publicly announced within UofT and outside of it, and every meeting will be put on the web in a timely manner.

My tentative name for the seminar is the "wClips Seminar", a mock-up for the page page for it is at http://www.math.toronto.edu/drorbn/papers/WKO/index1.html (this will replace the main WKO page). I'll be happy for advice and suggestions about a better name for the seminar and about the composition of that web page (and of course, about content...).

This is still tentative, and I still reserve my right to back out of this plan if over the next few days I will decide it is irrational.