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This is the VasCalc Project To Do List.

To Do

ChordsMod4T and related packages

  • Once everything actually works and is debugged, run performance profiles and figure out where the resources are going. In particular, we seem to be hitting Java's memory limit rather easily (say 1 circle and 9 chords, or 2 lines and 7 chords). Moreover, we appear to be consuming memory at a faster rate than we consume time.
  • Add disk operations for reading/writing databases of {chord diagrams, factorials, binomial coefficients}.
  • Move factorials and binomials to a separate file.
  • Documentation - what the program does, how it works, performance profile, as well as usage (see next line).
  • Package the program nicely, with Mathematica interface.
  • Fix the FIRST_CHORD = 3 line (if only for aesthetics).


  • Somewhere there should be links to documentation for Mathematica, J/Link, Java etc. Where? Right here, of course, when this entry goes below to the "Done" section. But perhaps also in some special VasCalc - Bibliography page which will be linked from our front page.