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something i still unclear on ideal test..

since there are two conditons in ideal test 1. a-b in A whenever a, b in A 2.ra and ar are in A whenever a in A and r in A

i just wonder when i use the ideal test, i need to use both condtions together

or just use one of both , then i can conclude a nonempty subset of a ring R is an ideal of R


I would think both need to be satisfied. Sorin.c

thx so much

now, i have a tiny question, is the Z/n equal to Z_n? are they the same thing.

because the textbook give us the symbol " Z_n", and the lecture notes give us " Z/n"

there is any difference? BY the way, i just uploaded a picture , just follow the link please:

There is no difference. Dror said he prefers writing instead of . --Sorin.c 15:28, 27 January 2008 (EST)

Textbook Edition

Is anyone else in the class using the 5th edition of the text?
Would it be helpful to post the actual questions up? (since the numberings may be different in the two texts)