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The web site is a wiki, as in Wikipedia - meaning that anyone can and is welcome to edit almost anything and in particular, anybody can post notes, comments, pictures, whatever.

Some Rules

  • This wiki is a part of my (Dror's) academic web page. All postings on it must be related to one of the projects I'm involved with.
  • If there's no specific reason for your edit to be anonymous, please log in and don't have it anonymous.
  • Criticism is fine, but no insults or foul language, please.
  • I (Dror) will allow myself to exercise editorial control, when necessary.

Wiki Editing Help

Pages on this wiki are can and are edited in a similar way to pages on Wikipedia. For details, see MediaWiki:Help:Content, Wikipedia:How to edit a page, WikiMedia:Help:Editing and WikiMedia:Help:Displaying a formula.

Some stuff to help get started with contributing to the website: WikiHelp.

Some Local Help

Local Templates

A full list of local templates is here.

Mathematica-Related Templates

Used for simulating mathematica sessions: Template:In, Template:Out, Template:InOut, Template:Print, Template:Message.

Mathematical Typesetting

Used for typesetting and referring to equations: Template:Equation, Template:EqRef, Template:Equation*.

Citations and Notes

Bottom notes: Template:note, Template:ref.

Side notes: Template:Begin Side Note, Template:End Side Note.

Local Clip Art


See Installation Notes.