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As announced by the powers above, our final exam will take place on the evening of Monday April 28 between 7PM and 10PM, at BN2S (Large Gymnasium, South End, Benson Building, 320 Huron Street (south of Harbord Street), Second Floor).

The exam will be similar in style to the Term Test (also see On the Term Test), and perhaps even more similar in style to last years' final (PDF). The material is everything covered in class. There will be two types of questions (or maybe sometimes the two types will be mixed within a single question):

  • You may be asked to prove a theorem proven in class. The reason we prove theorems in class is that these proofs are valuable. Therefore I expect you to know them.
  • You may be asked to solve exercises from the relevant chapters of the book, or minor variations thereof. These may be questions that were assigned as homework, but also, these may be questions that were not assigned before.

Office Hours. I (Dror) will hold extended office hours before the final, on Thursday April 17 1-2PM, Friday April 25 1-4PM and on the exam date, Monday April 28 10AM-12PM, at or near my office, Bahen 6178.

Preparing for the Test. Read, reread and rereread everything and solve lots of exercises from the book.

My (Dror's) system when I was an undergrad was to prepare a 4-6 page 100-200 item list of points covered in class. I'd only summarize each point with one sentence, without giving any details and without trying to be precise, much like the list that I prepared for the class of February 7 (see On the Term Test). I would then go over my list again and again and again, crossing out every item for which I was sure I could complete all the details and supply all the proofs. I would only stop when there was nothing left to cross out.

Good Luck!

The exam itself is here.