06-240/Putnam Competition

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I was asked to circulate the following message:

To: Undergraduates of mathematics

From: Ed Barbeau

Re; Putnam Competition

I am collecting names of those undergraduates who would like
to write the annual Putnam competition on the first Satuday in
December. This is for North American undergraduates, is free and
consists of two examinations, the first running from 10 am to
1 pm and the second from 3 pm until 6pm.

I strongly encourage students with an ability or strong interest
in mathematics to participate. Please send an email message to
barbeau@math.utoronto.ca so I can put you on the list.

I would like to organize a preliminary problems session to
introduce you to the Putnam on Wednesday, September 20. Please
let me know if you would be interested and when you would be free.
The likely time would be from 5 to 7 pm.


Here are some websites that you might wish to consult