14-1100/End-of-Course Schedule

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Here's a tentative activity schedule for the last few days of our class:

  • Wednesday December 3, 1-3PM: Our last class. Note the unusual time - that Wednesday is a "UofT Monday".
  • Wednesday December 3, 3PM-4PM: Office hour.
  • Thursday December 4, 10AM-12PM: Riddles session with Dror at Bahen 6183. Not a part of this class! Not mandatory in any way! Also with the students of 14-240.
  • Monday December 8: HW5 is due! Hand it in to Dror's mailbox by the end of the day/by the beginning of Tuesday. (Extended from Dec 3rd)
  • Sunday December 14, noon: At 24 hours before the final, edits to this class' web site no longer count for good deed points.
  • Sunday December 14, 2-5PM: Pre-final office hours.
  • Monday December 15, 10-11AM: Pre-final office hour.

Warning. Last minute changes are possible! Check here before you go.