Associators with Frozen Feet

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The Goal

The purpose of the paperlet is to find an explicit formula for an associator with frozen feet. As I'm starting to write, I don't know such a formula. My hope is that as I type up all the relevant equations, a solution will emerge. I'll be just as happy if it emerges in somebody else's mind, provided (s)he shares her/his thoughts.

An associator is a solution \Phi\in A_3 of the pentagon equation and the hexagon equations ([Drinfeld_90], [Drinfeld_91], [Bar-Natan_97]):

\Phi^{123}\cdot(1\otimes\Delta\otimes 1)(\Phi)\cdot\Phi^{234}=(\Delta\otimes 1\otimes 1)(\Phi)\cdot(1\otimes 1\otimes\Delta)(\Phi)\quad\mbox{in}\quad A_4,

(\Delta\otimes 1)(R^{\pm}) = \Phi^{123}\cdot (R^{\pm})^{23}\cdot(\Phi^{-1})^{132}\cdot(R^{\pm})^{13}\cdot\Phi^{312}\quad\mbox{in}\quad A_3.


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