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My "Academic Pensieve" (named after Prof. Albus Dumbledore's pensieve) contains almost every handwritten mathematical note that I wrote for my internal use since February 2008, almost every tiny silly internal-use computer program that I wrote in that period, many images, TeX documents, PDF files, and some further raw stuff. Currently there are approximately 15,494 documents in my pensieve, excluding index files and blackboard shots.


About a year after starting, I learned that there is a buzzphrase for what I do - it is "Open Notebook Science".


On my file system, I work just like I'd work on any other directory tree, except I avoid touching a few "system" files and subdirectories, unless I really mean to (these are, all "index.html" and "index.m" files, and all "nb/", "one/", and "thumbs/" subdirectories). Occcasionally I click on one "Quick Launch" icon that I've arranged for myself, and it runs the program that updates the PDF files, thumbnails, and all the index files that need updating. That program I wrote myself; it is completely undocumented yet fully available as a part of this pensieve, under Projects: AcademicPensieve.