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How to get started using Wiki

Where/How to Scan Notes

  1. Go to Robarts Library to the "Design Space" computers (first floor, to the left of the information desk, all the way at the back of the building). All of these computers have a scanner. It's best to go in the morning or late evening to avoid line-ups.
  2. Click Start-->Publishing Tools-->ScanWizard 5.
  3. If something doesn't work right, it might be that the scanner is not turned on.
  4. I used the options Original-->Photo, Scan Type-->Grey, Purpose-->Laser Print Fine, and saved the file directly in the My Documents (temporary files) directory, to erase later. This seems to make the size of the file small enough for uploading.

How to add a link to the Navigation Panel

  1. This I've spend half an hour trying to figure this out, so maybe someone could add instructions? I want to link a "Thu" page to the navigation panel to add notes, maybe it's obvious, but I don't know how to do it.


Step 1) Go to the Navigation page (click the link at the top of the panel) and then click edit. Here is a direct link:

Step 2)As you scroll down you will notice a repeating pattern:

|align=center|22 |Mar 10 |Tue, HW11 |- align=left |align=center|23

If nothing has been added for a given week it might look like this:

|align=center|22 |Mar 10 | |- align=left |align=center|23

Scroll down until you are in the week with the correct date that you want to add a page. (they correspond to mondays i think). Where the | is, simply write something like Tue where of course you put in the correct date. If there already is a something after the | such as a homework assignment link, put a comma and then type Tue with the date corrected. Now go to and this is where the page you have just created can be found.

Hope the helps!