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This is the [[VasCalc|VasCalc project]] Progress Log.
This is the [[VasCalc|VasCalc Project]] Progress Log.
* First day meeting's blackboard: [[Image:060511-1.jpg|thumb|160px]]
* First day meeting's blackboard: [[Image:060511-1.jpg|thumb|160px]]

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This is the VasCalc Project Progress Log.

  • First day meeting's blackboard:

J/Link passed the Hello World test. The java class and Mathematica notebook were commited to the repository trunk. Note the Mathematica file must be edited in order to specify the path to java and the class. In order to get it to work I had to tweak a few things:

  • The JRE bin directory had to be added to the PATH. The JDK path is not enough because J/Link looks for files like jawt.dll and awt.dll that don't come with JDK.
  • HelloWorld.class had to be in one of the dirs in CLASSPATH, because J/Link loads classes only through their full class name.
  • In Mathematica, when running InstallJava[], it was necessary to specify the path name for a newer version of java.exe. By default it runs the Windows java, which didn't run what was compiled with a new JDK.

Ideally, one would like to write a Mathematica notebook without any hardcoded paths that others can use with no changes. Is this possible?