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Dear Professor,

I was wondering how do you add a link to my file to the "07-401/Class Notes for January 10" page? I tried different methods but can't seems to figure it out. Thanks.

sincerely, Laura

Answer. See the "Help" link on the left of just click Help:Contents.

--Drorbn 14:20, 17 January 2007 (EST)

Dear Clkkang,

Thanks for the nice typeset notes at File:Lecture 1.pdf. I have three comments, though:

  1. As I mentioned in class, all pages names pertaining to our class should start with "07-401". Could you please move your notes from their current location to, say, "07-401-Lecture 1.pdf"?
  2. Also, currently the notes you typed are not linked from anywhere, so nobody will be able to read them. Can you please add a link to them from 07-401/Class Notes for January 10?
  3. Finally, one major point of having a wiki class page is to allow other to fix/amend/improve what you have done; but for that, your notes should have been typed within the wiki and not as an externally-produced PDF file. I am not asking you to change anything; that would be much too much labour. But in the future you may consider typing your notes within the wiki rather than outside of it.


--Drorbn 09:01, 14 January 2007 (EST)