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When will information about the exam be made available?

Perhaps these questions cannot be answered at this time, but I will ask them anyways: Will the exam include material from the term test? And in general, will the focus be on computation or theory? Maybe this is a silly question because 240 is a theory course, but a lot of the proofs we have done are either not entirely rigorous or just very tedious (i.e. many steps are finding the right way to write something out).

Note: Since I asked this question, we have returned mostly to doing "full" proofs. The proofs I previously referred to are the ones involving matrices.

Sorry for not returning to you earlier - I somehow didn't notice this note. Anyway, I plan to discuss the final in class on Tuesday and that will be an excellent time to raise this type of questions. Meanwhile I can't answer for the simple reason that I haven't yet started working on the final myself. --Drorbn 11:58, 1 December 2006 (EST)