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  • Write a program to generate all Lyndon words of length n on k letters, then deposit and document it as above.
  • Write a container class for "linear combinations of Lyndon Words"; the coefficients should be rational numbers. (Use BigRational or something like that for the coefficients). This class should have methods for all Lie algebra operations: addtion of vectors, multiplication by a scalar and (the hardest) the Lie bracket. As usual, everything should have a mathematica interface, should be deposited in the subversion repository and should be documented.

Done List

  • Karene should set up her subversion access and document her setup experience at HoriAsso - Set up notes:
    • Load and install TortoiseSVN or a comparable linux program.
    • Connect to our repository.
    • Deposit all programs so far there.
    • Document them on this wiki so that ANYBODY with minimal previous knowledge will be able to load and run them.