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These are the set up notes for the HoriAsso project, logged by Dror and Karene so as to make the set up of the next project a bit easier.

Dror's Notes

  • Choose a "short name" for the project. The short name "HoriAsso" may not be perfect, but it definitely beats my first choice, "HorAss".
  • Make a wiki-home for the project, for example by copying and modifying the wiki home of this project.
  • Set up http passwords for the project participants; on katlas type
htpasswd /www/.htpasswd karenechu

(or something similar).

  • Set up a subversion repository. On katlas:
cd /home/svn
su -l svn
svnadmin create ./HoriAsso
chmod -R g+w HoriAsso
  • Externally connect to the repository and create a trunk directory, just to see that everything works.

Karene's Notes

  • To install TortoiseSVN for Windows:
    • Go to TortoiseSVN Download Page
    • Download the .msi file for the appropriate architecture, in my case the file TortoiseSVN- for i386 architecture.
    • The downloaded package appears as a Windows Installer Package. Open it, accept license, and follow the installer instructions (mostly clicking next and finish). Restart the computer.
    • TortoiseSVN is now in the Start->Program menu.
  • To install Subversion for Max OS X:
    • Download the latest version of Subversion for Mac here.
    • Check MD5 sum to ensure download is not corrupt by
md5  subversion-client-1.3.1.dmg

and check that the result is the same as given on the download page.

    • Open the Subversion Client 1.3.1 disk image, read README.txt, and open the SubversionClient-1.3.1 installer package.
    • In the installer window, follow the simple instructions (i.e., select which disk (the hard disk in my case) to install on and click some constinues and finish!)
  • To use subversion on Mac OS X:
svn import path/to/my/code/on/local/computer http://repository/address -m "Initial import"