14-240/Directions to Haultain

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Dear All,

I took a hike to the Haultain building this morning. It's hard to find! There's construction around and it's hard to get in! If your tutorial is there, allow a few extra minutes beyond the few extra minutes I recommended before.

The optimal route in, as of 9:30AM today, seems to be to go on College to the main entrance of the "Mining Building", right across from McCaul Street. Go into Mining, climb the set of stairs that's right in front of you, cross the bridge into Haultain, and climb another floor and a half to the classrooms. See a map at http://drorbn.net/AcademicPensieve/Classes/14-240/index.html?im=Haultain.jpg.

If you plan to take the elevator in Haultain, be advised that it is the slowest in the world. Bring some reading material.


Drorbn (talk) 10:17, 16 September 2014 (EDT)