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Our class on September 24, 2014:

Class Photo: click to enlarge

Please identify yourself in this photo! There are two ways to do that:

  • Log in to this Wiki and edit this page. Put your name, userid, email address and location in the picture in the alphabetical list below.
  • Send Dror an email message with this information.

The first option is more fun but less private.

Who We Are...

Dror Bar-Natan Drorbn drorbn@ math. toronto. edu facing everybody, as the photographer Take this entry as a model and leave it first. Otherwise alphabetize by last name. Feel free to leave some fields blank. For better line-breaking, leave a space next to the "@" in email addresses.

Asad Aleem AsadAleem asad. aleem@ mail. utoronto. ca Third from left in the seventh or eighth row, wearing a bright blue T-Shirt
Ruiwen An Christine An christine. an@ mail. utoronto. ca The "sunny girl" in dark brown (maybe) fifth from the left in the second row
Alex Cho Alex10002 aileefangirl. cho@ mail. utoronto. ca Top left blue uoft sweather
Yannick Doucet Ydoucet yannick. doucet@ mail. utoronto. ca Second row, second from the right, with a cap on
Grace Field Grace.field grace. field@ mail. utoronto. ca The girl wearing a dark blue shirt in the third row, fifth from right
Andrew Gomes Agomes andrew. gomes@ mail. utoronto. ca The "young man" in the second row wearing a white T-shirt
Chenyu Guo chenyuguo chenyu.guo@ mail. utoronto. ca The "little girl" in the middle part of the last 4th row wearing a white shirt
Charles Huang Charlesh cherls. huang@ mail. utoronto. ca Fifth row, far left, stripped shirt
Zane Huang Bug zane. huang@ mail.utoronto. ca The dude way back in the eighth row on the right with his elbows up.
Yue Jiang Yue.Jiang yuenj. jiang@ mail. utoronto. ca The "little girl" in the second row, second from the left
Tong Lin Tong Lin tong. lin@ mail. utoronto. ca The gentleman third from the right in the seventh row
Austin Long AustinL austin. long@ mail. utoronto. ca The blonde male in the blue t-shirt near the left side stairs eighth row
Shi Hao Looi Shl shihao. looi@ mail. utoronto. ca Third row, third from left (if we are including the front row with just four or so chairs; otherwise, second row.)
Alexander Mazin AM alexander.mazin@ mail.utoronto. ca The man in the middle of the eight row blue t-shirt, arms folded
Robertson McClure r.mcclure r. mcclure@ mail. toronto. edu Sitting in the top left in a baby blue t-shirt wearing lanyard and small black necklace
Greg Morenz morenzg greg.morenz@mail.utoronto.ca Front Row, Third from the right, in all black.
Yuelin Peng Ellen yuelin.peng@ mail. utoronto. ca The girl in a red shirt in the middle of the first row
Cheyenne Piper piperche cheyenne.piper@ mail.utoronto. ca 5th row,third from left,wearing a grey,red and black shirt,Behind the guy making the C sign,in front of the girl in white insert an inspirational quote here
Soho Shim Soho soho. shim@ mail. utoronto. ca The girl wearing a white T-shirt in the first row, third from the right
Samuel Teunissen Samuel Teunissen samuel. teunissen@ mail. utoronto. ca Fourth rom the right in the fourth row
Donna Tjandra Donna Tjandra donna. tjandra@ mail. utoronto. ca The girl in the 9th full row, 4th from the right, wearing a purple sweater
Zhiyang Wei Gianne zhiyang. wei@ mail. utoronto. ca second row, third from the right
Boyang Wu Boyang.wu boyang. wu@mail. utoronto. ca The boy with plaid shirt in the middle of fourth row from bottom and no neighbor sits beside him.