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Important. The good deed points are extra, bonus, a treat. If you got some you should be happy. But if you got none, so what? You are still eligible to get an A+ in this class just going the normal routes.

User id Deed or deeds All contributions Points
Diningeachox - show -
Dongwoo.kang link re. matrix inversion; scanned solutions of HW6, HW8, HW5 (on Dec 13); typo correction; "differential equations study guide" (external source) show 9
Eyjaffe Video note; 2-3 typo corrections show 2
Gordonj - show -
Ilan - show -
Jonathanrlove link to mirrored cat show 1
Ktnd3 Scanned notes to almost all classes; more show 25
Mathstudent Misnamed scanned solutions of 3 HW assignments show 8
Mianwei - show -
Naranjoa - show -
Samer "ODE to Joy" (last minute) show 10
Simon1 2 links re. CoV; Sep 10 - Oct 30 class notes; two "subject summaries" show 20
Syjytg Unformatted Brachistochrone notes; two video comments show 2
Tkojar - show -
Twine MANY wiki edits; 12-267/Derivation of Euler-Lagrange; 12-267/Existence And Uniqueness Theorem; 12-267/Numerical Methods; 12-267/Topic List; partial HW1, HW2, HW3, HW4 solutions; links to past exams; link re. mirrors show 25
Vsbdthrsh External E-L link; 3 scanned section summaries; partial HW4 solutions; HW5, HW6, HW7, HW8 solutions show 20

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