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Our class on Janury 23, 2007:

Class Photo: click to enlarge

Please identify yourself in this photo! There are two ways to do that:

  • Log in to this Wiki and edit this page. Put your name, userid, email address and location in the picture in the alphabetical list below.
  • Send Dror an email message with this information.

The first option is more fun but less private.

If you are not in the photo, Dror can take your picture some other time and stitch you in.

Who We Are...

First name Last name UserID Email In the photo Comments
Dror Bar-Natan Drorbn drorbn @ math.toronto.edu facing everybody, as the photographer Take this entry as a model and leave it first. Otherwise alphabetize by last name. Feel free to leave some fields blank
Farheen Anwar Farheen farheen.anwar @ utoronto.ca Only girl with head scarf, 4th from the right
Jenny Bathelt [[User:|]] jenny.bathelt @ utoronto.ca Third from the left, front row, in the white sweater
Ying Cao McTea y.cao[at]utoronto.ca third from right, in front, blue scarf ^^
Sorin Constantinescu Sorin.c first_name.last_name @ utoronto.ca Sixth person from the right, blue striped dress shirt. If my shirt was red, I would look like Spiderman (sorta).
Amir Gershon LeoDaVinci amir.gershon @ utoronto.ca Really tall bearded guy, back row, fourth from the right in the bright red shirt. N=q^{\alpha} p_1^{2e_1} \ldots p_k^{2e_k},
{\alpha} \equiv 1 \pmod 4
Shelley Ho Mcgrill shelley.ho @ utoronto.ca the girl 5th from the right,front row =)
Kemei Lan Lankemei2002 lankemei2002 @ yahoo.com 2nd from the left with black short hair this is fun!
Lori Lee leelorik leelorik @ gmail.com 6th from the left, in the front row 2 + 2 = 4
Shaun Memon s.memon s.memon @ utoronto.ca back row in the centre, I have 14 people to the left and 14 people to the right of me Shaun ∈ Z(MAT401)
James Robertson Emailforjimmy emailforjimmy NOSPAM @ gmail.com I am the tall person (2nd only to the bearded fellow in red...Amir I think) near the middle in the back can you tell who just found out he handed in the wrong problems for Ass. # 1?
Oak Sansern Hamlet oak.sansern @ utoronto.ca front row, 1st from the projector in white--looking too tired for eve class seriously? maybe later =)
Diana Selariu Diana dselariu @ gmail.com 5th from the left, front row {{{comments}}}
Tae Maen Shin gopsury83 tim.shin @ utoronto.ca second from right, back row You can call me Tim
Chris Udasco Christopher chris dot udasco at utoronto dot ca front row grin 2 + 2 = 1 (..huh?)

... Mod 3! (whaaaaat!!)
Tony Yiu Tonytastic tony.yiu @ utoronto.ca Asian guy, left of the middle wearing blue Chuck Norris can divide by zero